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Meet Amber Stier

Hi there, I'm Amber. I'm your guide to navigating infertility through the lens of being a Catholic.

I get to live this crazy adventure called Life with my outdoor-loving, IT Guy of a husband, John, and our one and only wild child and miracle baby Q. We are SO Blessed. Just a few short years ago we were halfway through our 6th year of marriage and had yet to conceive [and keep] a pregnancy. There were so many emotions to navigate during that time: "Is my body broken?", "Am I not worthy of having a family?", "Why everyone else and not me?" They were all valid questions, but ones that fueled so many negative emotions toward myself and others. Enough! My attitude was causing so much unnecessary stress that it was affecting everything else. I pray that through my story and this community that you find so much peace and solidarity with other women that you can move past or even skip the negative rut that infertility so notoriously creates. Peace be with you Sister! I look forward to meeting you and hearing and supporting YOUR story [so far].

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