Catholic Women Navigating Infertility

Welcome Sister,
I'm so glad you are here.
I hope you find solace and solidarity
in the community here. Infertility is
a journey that is both devastating and
beautifully unique to each of us yet no
woman should have to navigate it alone.
I look forward to meeting you and
hearing your story!



A Little About Me
I'm Amber, a wife and [finally] mom, just trying to surround myself with other women who understand the journey of being a Catholic woman struggling with infertility and how those two worlds collide. I am married to my best friend and we are so incredibly blessed to say we have one little man to call our own. 

I've created this community to share my story and hopefully learn from yours as well! Join the group on Facebook or just simply shoot me an email to tell me where you are in your journey!



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